Research field C: Technological drivers/factors

Research Field C concentrates on technological drivers and factors such as innovative information and communication services and focuses on Car-to-X communication (C1) and Dynamic maps and map services (C2). These technological factors provide general information and functions for (de-⁠)centralized cooperative traffic management.

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C1. Car-to-X communication (Prof. Fidler)


C1.1 Mehdi Garrosi: Geo-Routing in Urban Car-2-X Communication Networks

C1.2 Torsten Lorenzen: Design of Adaptive C2X Protocols for Enhanced Traffic Performance

C2. Dynamic maps and map services (Prof. Sester)


C2.1 Fabian Bock: Automatic generation of dynamic parking maps based on crowd-sensing

C2.2 Paul Czioska Determination of dynamic stopping places in flexible public transportation systems

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